Hotel Patria*** is located in the town of Trutnov in the foothills of the Krkonoše Mountains, which is a popular destination for vacationers and hikers. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel you will find a number of monuments, natural attractions and other attractions. The city of Trutnov (Trautenau in German) is a district town in the Hradec Králové region in northeastern Bohemia.

Trutnov is located in the Krkonoše foothills on the Úpa River. In 2011, 31,000 inhabitants lived here and the area is 10,336 ha.

The historical core of the city is a city monument zone. Trutnov is located in the Trutnovská foothills in the east of the Krkonoše foothills, which is part of the Krkonoše foothills. The altitude of the center of Trutnov is around 414 m. The symbol and patron of the entire Krkonoše and Sub-Krkonoše mountains is the well-known Krakonoš.

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